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Asana Asana helps project managers keep their data and teams organized and connected. Users can monitor tasks, sub-tasks, projects, milestones, task assignees, dependencies and due dates.

 – Smartsheet enables tasks and complex portfolios to be managed better. It is an efficient tool to streamline workflows, eliminate silos, and achieve more.

– Trello is a Kanban project management tool. The trello board allows users to work with multiple tools and ensure tasks are planned smoothly. The software allows users to access the data on their mobile phones and their systems allowing everyone to stay on top on tasks.

It is a collaborative tool mainly used with careful attention to plan and coordinate comprehensive activities. It is usually used by companies and provides virtual forums where many individuals can work together and exchange ideas. Embedded in software, it allows eliminating the necessity to execute normal and routine activities to reduce and achieve further research within a timely fashion.

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Wrike – 
It is the first collaborative project managing tool for large enterprises that lets businesses perform their best work — regardless of where their workers are located. So many of leading companies leverage Wrike to link globally scattered teams to maintain the coordination, mobility, the adaptability of their whole organizations.

The features of Wrike are, The software allows users to view reports in real-time and create status various team’s projects. The platform allows for easy planning and help execute plan in a more structured manner leading to success. Wrike allows users to communicate and collaborate all in one place ensuring there are no breakdowns in communication.

 – It is an application for the work and project for those who choose to control the overall plan. It keeps track of the specifics of all the tools users need to prepare, focus on, and produce the job so that the creativity of the staff can be liberated to generate the values that are important to the company.

 – It is the first advanced system for the project to organize all the information in one place. Workfront offers executives and managers the ability to streamline demands, schedule and organize tasks, monitor operations, track properties remotely, and update on work.

Project management software
 is a computer program that enables project managers and other team members to commence, plan, implement, track, and deliver projects of all sizes and kinds. Project management software has been created to plan and store project responsibilities and events, arrange agendas and deadlines, address project problems, allocate and manage project-related expenses, set up association and support among project members, manage quality, bring together project teams, and manage human resources as well as project updates. The best project management software allows businesses to manage their projects through all the phases of the project lifecycle, right from project ideation and commencement to project implementation and conclusion.


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