Paylocity – A Specialized Platform for Human Resources & Payroll


Paylocity Human Resource Software specializes in human resources and payroll. The software provides solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises. It offers carefully curated services like payroll, workforce management, talent acquisition, etc. PayloCity HRS provides standardized HR practices that are at par with global standards. Paylocity Human Resource Software thrives on the motto that people are the most essential resource for a business.

USP of Paylocity:

The primary USP of Paylocity Human Resource Software is that it is not limited to payroll. It not only makes the process of generating payroll easier but also helps the business in following best HR practices. Talent acquisition and candidate screening is an excellent feature of the software, which allows a company to reduce time and effort. The product’s attractive pricing policy is an added benefit.

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Features of Paylocity:

Tailor-made – 
The software provides customized solutions to deep-rooted problems in HR. It offers automated processes for monetary compliance.

Data Integration – Information like retirement plans, benefit files to preferred vendors, etc. can be automated. Complex reports can be made more accessible with the help of quick calculations.

Time clock kiosks – The software allows businesses to monitor breaks efficiently. Punching time, tip pay adjustments are recorded for assessment during the final compiling of payroll.

Attract top talent – Candidate screening is stringent and standardized. The software helps the business in finding the right candidates for the achievement of goals efficiently.

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Paylocity Pricing

Paylocity pricing modules are based on the number of employees. The software ranges between $2-$4/employee, per month. Paylocity pricing is affordable and helps businesses in reducing overhead costs by reducing effort. The affordability of the software makes it a viable choice for users. For more details on the best pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.

Paylocity Demo

The users can request a demo version of various products of the company on the official website; The software offers a variety of products and services for businesses to choose from. Users can get the software customized to meet their requirements.