Renewable Chemicals Market worth 84.3 Billion USD by 2020


The drivers for renewable chemical market include abundant & low-cost feedstock, technological innovations, consumer acceptance for eco-friendly products, and government support for eco-friendly sources and processes. The factors hindering the growth of the renewable chemicals market are high price when compared to the conventional polymers and associated performance issues.

However, with the increasing research and innovation, improvement is expected in the near future. The growth opportunities for the renewable chemicals market are increasing scope in end-user segments, new raw materials, under penetration in the Asian countries, and potential for cost reduction through economy of scale.

Ethanol is the most commercialized segment among all the major renewable chemicals. The U.S. and Brazil together account for more than 80.0% of the global ethanol production. There is ample scope of growth in Canada, Europe, and developing nations such as China and India in the Asian region. In the bio-polymers segment; bio-PET and bio-PE together accounts for more than 50.0% share, in terms of volume. Bio-PET is projected to register the highest CAGR of over 20.0% (by volume), followed by PLA during the forecast period.

The renewable chemicals market is relatively niche with less number of players globally. In future, with the increase in demand for these chemicals, the trend is estimated to move toward full scale commercialization from pilot scale projects. New players will have to make significant investments in R&D and facility development for entry into the market.

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However, favorable government policies toward green & biodegradable products and EU‘s wide policy support will allow more companies to enter into the market with increased capacities. Currently, this market has a limited number of companies and a lot of potential. The players in the market require high capital investments and technology knowledge. Therefore, players entering into this market are required to have high R&D capabilities and financial assistance.

The leading players in the market include BioAmber (Canada), Myriant Corporation (U.S.), Metabolix Inc. (U.S.), BASF SE (Germany), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan), Braskem (Brazil), Corbion N.V. (The Netherlands), NatureWorks LLC (U.S.), BioMCN (The Netherlands), Genomatica (U.S.), Cobalt Technologies (U.S.),  and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products (U.S.).

In addition to the market size, data trends, and forecast, the report also highlights key market opportunities for the stakeholders and presents a competitive landscape analysis in which it profiles the key market developments of the key 15 companies in the renewable chemicals market.

This report includes analysis of the global markets for major renewable chemicals such as alcohols, polymers, ketones, and acids; along with the major applications of renewable chemicals. This report identifies the factors driving as well as restraining the growth of each segment to support its analysis of market trends and forecast. The market segments are analyzed for major regions, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW.

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