Rubber Coated Fabric Market Growth, Key Producers, Trends, Segmentations, Regional Graph and Forecast

Rubber Coated Fabric Market

Rubber-coated fabric is a material composed of a flexible fabric substrate coated with a layer of rubber or elastomer. This coating provides the fabric with enhanced properties such as waterproofing, durability, and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays. Rubber-coated fabrics find applications in various industries including automotive, marine, aerospace, and outdoor gear for manufacturing products like rainwear, tents, inflatable boats, and conveyor belts.

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The rubber coated fabric market is projected to grow from USD 6,357 million in 2023 to USD 7,787 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2023 to 2028. Rubber coated fabric is a fabric substrate or basis that has been coated or impregnated with a coating of rubber or rubber-like material. This coating gives the cloth improved qualities such as increased flexibility, water resistance, and chemical resistance. In many different sectors and applications where a combination of fabric features and rubber characteristics is sought, these fabrics are desired. 

Rubber Coated Fabric Companies:

Companies such as Continental AG (Germany), Trelleborg AB (Sweden), Saint-Gobain S.A (France), Colmant Coated Fabrics (France), The Rubber Company (England), White Cross Rubber Products Limited (England), Caodetex S.A. (Argentina), Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (US), Fothergill Group (England), Arville Textiles Limited (England), Zenith Rubber (India), Bobet Company (France) are operating in this market. These players have adopted the strategies of product launch, agreement, acquisition, and investments to increase their market shares. 

Continental AG

Continental AG is one of the key players in the rubber coated fabrics market. The coated fabrics unit of Continental manufactures a range of goods, including textiles for use in the automotive sector as well as in other fields such as aviation, medical technology, and protective apparel. The company primarily operates in Europe and has an active presence in the US and Africa. Continental AG is a leading German automobile manufacturer focused on making brake systems, tires, and car parts. It prioritizes R&D. The company has created a number of eco-friendly goods and programs to help them reach their lofty environmental impact reduction goals. It has improved its position in the rubber coated fabrics market through organic growth such as innovation.   

Trelleborg AB

Trelleborg AB is a multinational engineering company with a focus on high-performance polymer materials and cutting-edge technical solutions. Trelleborg Industrial Solutions offers engineered polymer solutions for a variety of industrial applications, such as sealing systems, antivibration systems, and maritime systems. For a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and oil & gas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions designs and produces sealing solutions. It operates in Europe and has an active presence in the US and Africa. The company has made several strategic choices in its coated fabrics business to maintain its position as a market leader. Trelleborg AB has made the tactical decision to invest in cutting-edge coating technology and production methods to create coated fabrics with good performance. 

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Saint-Gobain S.A.

Saint-Gobain is one of the global leaders in high-performance and technology-driven materials. The company caters to various other markets such as electronics & communications, medical & life science, mobility, renewable energy, safety & defense. The company operates through its business segments: high- performance solutions, northern Europe, southern Europe – ME & Africa, America, and Asia pacific. It provides coated fabrics through high-performance solution segment. The company is inclined toward innovation and covers a broad range of applications to maintain its competitive edge in the market.

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