Nanosonics (Australia) and CIVCO Medical Solutions (US) are the Major Players in the Ultrasound Probe Disinfection Market

The global ultrasound probe disinfection market is projected to reach USD 819.1 million by 2023 from USD 314.1 million in 2018, at a CAGR of 21.1%. In 2017, Nanosonics (Australia), CIVCO Medical Solutions (US), Tristel (UK), STERIS (UK), Ecolab (US), and CS Medical (US) were the major players operating in the ultrasound probe disinfection market. These players together accounted for a market share of 60–65% in 2017.

Nanosonics accounted for the largest share of the global ultrasound probe disinfection market in 2017. The company offers various decontamination products and accessories for the prevention of HAIs. Trophon EPR, offered by the company, is a complete ultrasound transducer high-level disinfection system that is fast, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, and quality assured. It uses a unique platform technology to effectively disinfect the transducer-including the shaft and handle-in just seven minutes between patients. Nanosonics majorly focuses on inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships, to strengthen its presence in the market. For instance, in August 2017, Nanosonics entered into a distribution agreement with GE Healthcare (US) to distribute Trophon EPR in North America. The company generates most of its revenue from developed countries across North America, some European countries, and Australia.

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CIVCO Medical Solutions held the second position in the global ultrasound probe disinfection market in 2017. The company offers automated disinfectors, manual reprocessors, and ultrasound transducer storage cabinets. Its unique product portfolio enables CIVCO to strengthen its presence in the ultrasound probe disinfection market. In 2016, CIVCO acquired PCI Medical, a leader in high-level disinfection products for ultrasound probes. This acquisition helped the company to expand and strengthen its portfolio of automated reprocessors for ultrasound probe disinfection. Currently, the company is focusing on providing infection control solutions to healthcare providers and ultrasound probe manufacturers to reduce the incidence of HAIs. In the coming years, the company could focus on the expansion of its ultrasound probe disinfection business in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.