Using Gumroad e-Commerce Platform, You can Sell Your Product Directly to the Consumer


Gumroad e-Commerce Platforms is an online aggregator platform that allows users to sell products ranging from books to softwares and tutorials to films to customers directly without the hassles of a marketplace model. It allows users to start selling just by signing up and clicking on the sell button without having to spend too much time on the business aspect of things.


Gumroad e-commerce Platforms helps creators of all types from artists to designers and filmmakers to software developers sell their products directly to customers without having to be bogged down by the hassles of running a business. Gumroad e-commerce Platforms offers payment processing, marketing and communication tools, analytics and improved consumption experiences. It emphasises largely on the creator consumer journey.

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Gumroad Pricing:

There are two plans of Gumroad pricing. One is free, a default account created on signing up. Gumroad pricing for a premium account that starts at $10/month, which is essentially 3.5% + $0.30 per sale. While the free account allows creating and customising storefront, selling as many products, sending out four updates a month and setting up one automated email workflow. The premium account allows unlimited posts and workflows, third-party analysis, custom delivery products, the ability to use custom domains and importing customers.

Gumroad Demo:

Gumroad e-commerce Platforms offers free demo upon requesting information after logging on to the website and by sharing an email address with the company.

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Personalised landing page:
Have a personalised home page to connect with the audience
Embed Gumroad’s follow form on existing blog or website to direct traffic on page

Assistance in building audience# Gain access to user data to increase audience engagement and improve ROI
# Import and export contact data at any point in time

Assistance in selling digital products
# Promote your product by highlighting image, audio or video covers and explore marketing techniques
Focus on product design for selling software products while Gumroad handles license keys

Easy selling of physical products
# Mark packages as shipped and send tracking numbers to customers to enable tracking
# Set shipping rates, charge buyers on the basis of their location and restrict product sales by country and create offer codes to reward fans or go on a one-day sale

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