Vapor Recovery Units Market – Carbovac (France) and Aereon (US) are the Key Players

The Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) Market is projected to reach USD 1,007.2 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 5.0% from 2017 to 2022. Stringent environmental regulations for VOC emissions has led to the growth of vapor recovery units market. Major end-use industries of vapor recovery units include oil & gas and others that include chemicals & petrochemicals, landfill, and pharmaceuticals. Vapor recovery units are widely used in upstream and downstream processes in the oil & gas industry.

Major companies operating in the vapor recovery units market include Carbovac (France), BORSIG Membrane Technology (Germany), John Zink Company (US), SYMEX Technologies (US), Aereon (US), HY-BON/EDI (US), Cool Sorption (Denmark), VOCZero (UK), Zeeco (US), Flogistix (US), Kappa Gi (Italy), and Kilburn Engineering (India). These companies have operations in North American, Europe, and Asia Pacific. They adopt both, organic and inorganic expansion strategies to increase their market shares. Acquisition is an essential strategy in this market to cater competitive products to the end-use industries.

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Carbovac (France) is a leading company in designing, engineering, and manufacturing vapor recovery units. The company has an extensive experience in the VRU processing using dry screw vacuum pumps and has pioneered the use of dry technology in vapor recovery units. The company is a leading supplier of vapor treatment solutions for various applications such as trucks, rail cars, marine loading operations, and storage facilities. The company focuses on inorganic strategies, such as expansions to provide their services across the world.

Aereon (US) is one of the largest manufacturers of vapor recovery units with a significant geographic presence in more than 45 countries worldwide. The company has strong product offerings which are distributed across various regions. The company is primarily focused on organic growth strategies, such as expansion to enhance its product portfolio. In December 2014, the company expanded in Melbourne, Australia by opening an operations facility to develop and deliver products, including vapor recovery units to meet the country’s code requirements. The new Australian facility was engaged in the manufacturing of vapor recovery units for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries, along with other products. This expansion strategy is centered on meeting the demand for the company’s recovery products.  

John Zink Company (US) is another leading manufacturer of vapor recovery units. The company designs ADAB (adsorption/absorption) technology based vapor recovery units, which are suitable for various applications, including truck, rail & marine loading, and tank & process venting operations. The company serves vapor recovery units for storage and transportation applications across industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and landfill.

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