Allegra is The Best Project Management Platform for Pharmacy Experts


Allegra is a unique software solution that helps organizations with their pharmacy management. It allows businesses to reach a higher level of precision by transforming complex and tiresome administration to work into sophisticated health care deliverance. It is most suited for businesses looking for micromanaging their daily chores of inventory keeping and sales management. Aided with the power of automation, Allegra empowers businesses to grow bigger and better.

Allegra USP:

Allegra is a unique health care and pharmacy management solution that integrates and simplifies information shared across health care stakeholders. It provides a systematic approach to inventory and cash management, appointment booking and interactive virtual care. Allegra heralds a new methodology for setting higher standards for quality healthcare.

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Allegra Pricing:

Allegra pricing begins from per user per month. A free trial is provided for those interested in utilizing this useful software for their businesses. However, there is no free version of the software as of now. For further information on Allegra Pricing, interested users can contact for negotiations and final pricing.

Allegra demo:

Allegra offers a demo installation for those looking for a real-time experience with the software. Alternatively, it can also be downloaded and installed on computer and kickstart the 30-day free trial.

Allegra Features:

Work Management
 Integrates all data, shared and used by multiple users to offer a cohesive sense of work
# Centralises processes and keeps minute track of all transactions and workflow

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Time Management
 Saves time by bringing to a single platform all kinds of management- financial, sales and advisory
# Enables healthcare to reach all patients faster by easing tasks

Finance Management
 Maintains a favourable and profitable system by pre-empting the financial capability of patients
# Reduces the risk of bad debt by a careful dispensation of pharmaceutical needs

 Provides a clear picture of roles and responsibilities, ensuring the smooth functioning of work operations
# Offers customization of particular needs of businesses and minimizes user changes

Well screen Biometric Data Module
 Assess health risk, prepares reports that can be shared and provide preventive care
# Monetize on Well Screen loyalty programs, ensuring a profitable scenario