Natural ingredients like gourmet salts a clear trend across the globe for food products

Increasing Demand for Sizing & Thickening Agents Due to Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Gourmet salts are of different types, and each salt type has its unique taste, due to its distinctive combination of minerals and the complex variations of salt crystals. People were not aware of the different types of salt available until they became acquainted with the term ‘gourmet salts’. The people have started learning about the distinctive qualities of the varieties of gourmet salts, the ways in which these salts enhance the flavor of the food and give a fine finishing to the foods. Fleur del sel, Himalayan salts, and flake salts are the most commonly used gourmet salts. Throughout the world, fleur de sel is one of the most widely consumed gourmet salts and has wide application in foods such as roasted meat, salads and vegetable dishes. Gourmet salts are widely used in bakery and confectionery products.

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Clean label: a clear trend across global food markets

Increasing consumption of health and tasty food products among modern consumers has led to increasing interest towards the origin of the ingredients used to produce these products and clean-label flavors and ingredients are preferred by consumers as they are constantly looking for ‘natural’ nutrition and products incorporating inherently natural, fresh, wholesome, and balanced nutrition.

Natural ingredients are more likely to be accepted than chemical or synthesized ingredients as consumers perceive natural ingredients to be the safer and healthier choice. The growing trend towards clean-label products, which is slowly becoming mandatory across the globe, creates many opportunities for new formulations and new product developments in food and beverage segments.

The food industry is faced with the challenge of finding natural ingredients which will maintain proper food quality and integrity without compromising the shelf-life, taste, and texture of the food products. The gourmet salts market has shown a positive growth trend over the last few years. The trend supporting natural food products that provide health benefits is proving to be a boon for gourmet salts, as they are all-natural ingredients without any chemical additives.

Fleur de sel is a sea salt is the most common and widely used gourmet salts

Fleur de sel is used as finishing salts for fine foods and for cooking specialty dishes, enhancing their flavor, aroma, and appeal. The salt mixes well with food and adds a mild, delicate crunch to it. The salt goes well with roasted meat, salads, and vegetable dishes. Fleur de sel is checked for quality during all stages of manufacturing, processing, marketing, and packaging. The demand for these salts is escalating with the increasing trend for fine dining. Sel Gris finds a wide range of applications in the culinary world and is preferred due to its high quality and purity, and low sodium content. Gray salt is used both, as cooking and finishing salts, due to its mineral complexity and various grain textures. It works best with steaks and root vegetables, due to the mineral complexity of the salt.

Key industry players in sizing & thickening agents market

Saltworks, Inc. (U.S.) was the most active company from 2010 to 2014. The gourmet salts market is growing due to their increasing application in various foods and beverages. The increasing awareness of gourmet salt through cookery shows, food magazines, and others, have increased the interest of the consumers to use gourmet salts in their cooking. Globally, the companies are launching new products with different flavors to meet the growing demand among the consumers. In the European countries such as Spain and Italy, the consumers have a positive perspective towards traditional and exotic foods. Agreements, collaborations, and partnerships with the emerging and well-established companies and distributors are other strategies that are implemented in the gourmet salts market.