Global Network Security Firewall Market Size, Growth and Forecast

An increased demand for network security and privacy, advent of NextGen technologies for network security, and increasing new vulnerabilities in SS7, administrative regulations, and the advancement of digital transformation in the telecom industry are the major growth factors for the Network Security Firewall Market.

The Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging segment is growing rapidly. Increasingly, companies and organizations are using SMS to send one-time passwords (OTPs), two-factor authentication (2FA) messages, transaction alerts, promotional marketing, and delivery confirmations. Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), government, healthcare, and eCommerce verticals are adopting A2P messaging for communication purposes. Telecom operators provide A2P messaging for marketing and promotional messages, authenticating the customer, and sending OTPs and notifications. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets across the communications industry and their increased use by individual customers, it has become very easy for mobile network operators to interact directly with their customers through SMS.

Several vendors provide NFV-based firewall that allows organizations to leverage virtualization and commercial servers. The solution providers seamlessly integrate open software with the existing servers for enhancing the effectiveness of their solution. The NFV-based network firewall is gaining traction, as it enhances the performance of the solution by enabling the firewall to perform deep packet inspection. Moreover, the NFV deployment is emerging as a cost-effective deployment model, as it is valuable for dynamic workloads. NFV-based firewall can be deployed across public, private, and hybrid cloud-computing environments to adapt more easily to and secure clients’ business demands.