Newborn Screening Market Driven by Rising Implementation of Government Mandates

Newborn screening is quickly gaining popularity as an effective public health program. This program is designed to screen newly born babies for a panel of diseases that could lead to disabilities and deaths of the infants. The number of diseases screened during this test is a matter of jurisdiction of different parts of the world. Numerous benefits of these tests and rapid adoption across the world are the vital driving factors for the global newborn screening market. The industry is aiming at impressive growth with technological advantages and growing awareness across the emerging countries of the world.

Benefits of Newborn Screening – Market Drivers

Infant screening is becoming popular with the significant assistance it provides with early detection of the diseases and their proper management. Proper management of the congenital disorders, counseling of the affected parents and treatment of the infants provides larger window for improvement and healthy life after the treatment. This fact is a major driver for the global newborn screening market. The rate of adoption of these tests across the world is also increasing with the changing rules and regulations by the governments and healthcare authorities of different countries. Technological innovations, government support, and expanding panel of diseases of the infants are also expected to drive the market on global scale.

Segments in Newborn Screening Industry

The global market is segmented on the basis of the types of tests, products, technologies, and geographic regions.

  • Tests: Dry blood spot, hearing screen, and critical congenital heart diseases (CCHD) test
  • Technologies: Electrophoresis, tandem mass spectrometry, DNA assays, enzymes, immunoassays, pulse oximetry, hearing screen, etc.
  • Products: Reagents and assay kits and instruments like newborn disorder screening, hearing screen devices and accessories, and pulse oximetry instruments
  • Geography: Europe, North America, Asia, South America and rest of the world

Forecasting Reports

According to the experts, the global newborn screening market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11%. At the estimated growth rate, the industry is projected to become worth more than $819.6 million by the end of the year 2019. North America is dominating the global industry with innovation, demand and applications. Emerging markets, however, are set to witness impressive growth during the forecasting period due to rapid rate of adoption, government efforts and increasing awareness amongst the parents to the newborns. Lack of professional infrastructure and socio-economic barriers are considered to be the major restraining factors for the industry.

High costs of automation, lack of uniformity and competition amongst small players are also some of the major challenges for the newborn screening market. Despite these restraints, researchers are positive about the healthy growth of this industry with increasing awareness amongst the consumers.