Rising Trend for Functional and Healthy Diet to Drive the Market for Prebiotic Ingredients

Prebiotic ingredients are usually non-digestible food ingredients that are helpful for human and animal health, as they positively affect the growth and activities of good bacteria that are already present in human or animal gut. Prebiotic compounds majorly include galactooligosaccharides and inulin. According to the FAO, “A prebiotic is a non-viable food component that confers a health benefit on the host associated with modulation of the microbiota.”

The global market for prebiotic ingredients is projected to reach USD 7.36 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 11.9%

The wide uses of prebiotics as nutraceutical ingredients and increased awareness regarding its application in the food & beverage industry are two major factors driving the growth of the prebiotic ingredients market. The rising health awareness among the global population has a major influence on the demand for prebiotic and other nutraceutical ingredients. The global market is witnessing the development of a wide range of applications of prebiotics, such as fortifying these ingredients in food and beverage products. The key players in this market indulge in substantial investments in new technology and product development to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions to customers.

Prebiotic ingredients are majorly incorporated in food & beverage applications owing to the growing trend toward healthy diet among consumers

Prebiotic ingredients can be easily incorporated in daily diets through dairy, bakery, meat, cereal, and confectionery foods; they do not change the texture or taste of these products when used as an additional ingredient. The regular consumption of prebiotics increases immunity and reduces the risks of certain diseases and conditions such as diarrhea, osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and colon cancer. Thus, the health benefits and nutritional value associated with prebiotics have widened their application, from the food to dietary supplements sectors.

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Dietary applications cover food supplements, nutritional supplements, and infant formula. The use of prebiotic ingredients in infant nutrition helps infants overcome infections by building immunity, resisting gastrointestinal problems, increasing mineral absorption, and lessening the tendency to become obese. All these factors aid market growth for prebiotic ingredients.

High growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region

Europe accounted for the largest market for prebiotic ingredients, owing to the increased consumer trends of consuming prebiotics in the form of functional food or food items. The high adoption of prebiotics in the European animal feed sector is mainly due to the ban on antibiotic growth promoters imposed by the European Union. Companies such as Kerry (Ireland), FrielandCampina (Netherland), and Nexira (France) offer prebiotic ingredients for animal feed as well as human consumption.

The Asia Pacific region is projected to be the fastest-growing market, at a CAGR of 11.5%, during the forecast. The driving factor for this has been the increase in economic growth in the region, growth in awareness about the health benefits of prebiotics, and a rise in demand for improved feed. Key markets in the Asia Pacific region include China, India, and Japan. These countries have vast areas under agriculture and have a high production of high-fiber content plants and oilseeds, which are the primary raw materials of fiber & specialty carbohydrate ingredients. Companies such as Yakult pharmaceutical (Japan), Quantum Hi-Tech (China), and Tablets (India) Limited (India) offer prebiotic products in the region.

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The global prebiotic ingredients market has been exhibiting growth potential in recent years. The market is driven by the increasing demand for functional food, beverage, and dietary supplements, and the rising awareness about the health benefits of prebiotic ingredients as functional food. The growing awareness about health & nutrition products among consumers in North America and Europe drives the market for prebiotic ingredients in the region. Moreover, the wide application of prebiotics in food, beverage, dietary supplements and the animal feed sector also presents opportunities for market growth. The nutritious value of prebiotics and their raw material availability, combined with their abidance to safety and hygiene norms, make them ideal for food, feed, and dietary applications. Thus, value-added nutrition products have huge market potential.