Variable Valve Timing Market to Record Remarkable Growth by 2018

Steady growth in the emerging markets is a great relief for various industrial verticals. Automotive industry is not an excuse to this growth. The market has shown remarkable progress across the BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Rising standard of living of the people from emerging markets and growing demand for the automotive products are also driving the variable valve timing market. VVT systems have varied applications and advantages that make them highly popular. Being fuel efficient is also a great aspect of variable valve timing systems, which is creating the buzz for the production of these products.

Global Variable Valve Timing Market Overview

Variable valve timing is an internal combustion engine assists in altering the timing of valve lift event. Improved performance of the systems, fuel efficiency and less emission are the strongest reasons why the VVT systems are used across the industry. They are increasingly combined with variable valve lift systems for better results. The global variable valve timing and start-stop systems industy have great segmentation on the basis of the types of technology, fuel, applications and geographic locations. Based on the types of fuel, these systems are segmented into diesel VVT and gasoline VVT systems. Based on geography, the industry is divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and rest of the world. By technology, the industry is divided into two major segments, which include variable valve timing and start-stop systems. Both these technological segmented are sub-segmented as below:

  • VVT: Cam-phasing and VVA
  • Start-Stop: Belt-driven alternator starter (BAS), direct starter, enhanced starter and integrated starter generator (ISG)

Market Trends and Forecasts Until 2018

Emerging markets and especially Asia Pacific is emerging as the gold-mine for the global variable valve timing market. The region is booming with unprecedented growth in the automotive and automobile industry. As a result, the market for variable valve timing is expected to remain on great demand in this region. As far as start-stop systems market is concerned, it is dominated by Europe. However, if the market research reports are to be believed, Asia Pacific region is a strong contender to takeover this position from European countries. Based on the market research reports, the industry is currently dominated by North America at an estimated CAGR of over 16%. Experts claim a bright future for the global market, which is poised become worth more than $9 billion by the end of 2018. By the same time, the market is anticipated to have sold more than 88.8 million units.

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